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The Liberte is currently a hotel boat in Amsterdam however it was built in Holland in 1915 and used to be a cargo ship at point of its build. The ship has sailed the waters of Holland bringing coal, harvests, sand and other agricultural and industrial requirements through mostly the Northern provinces of the Netherlands. The commercial usage of the Liberte stopped at times bigger vessels put smaller ships such as the Liberte out of business. The Liberte hotel boat has been converted in the early 20s of the 20th century and the interior of the boat has remained largely as such since. Clearly upgrades have been made so to offer you conform as also safety on board however the ship still breathes the atmosphere of almost a century ago.

At current the Liberte hotel boat mainly functions as a tour boat that brings fond historical boat lovers and Dutch country side lovers to different historical cities in Holland. We sail to Leiden, Haarlem, but also go to other places such as Vollenhoven from where you can easily reach the most famous Giethoorn. Upon request any tour can be tailor made for yourself, your friends or family. The boat offers 12 passengers plus the captain a warm cozy atmosphere. A kitchen allows you to prepare your own meals and drinks are available for purchase or your might store your own self-bought refreshments. At time of no tours the Liberte hotel boat functions as a hotel boat and is docked in Amsterdam’s most central dock being the Oosterdok right next to Technology Museum NEMO.

At the sundeck of the Liberte hotel boat one can experience the beautiful Dutch country side which still today resembles the amazing pictures as made in past-times by Dutch famous painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. When docked at the Oosterdok the Liberte hotel boat offers travelers and life wanderers a convenient home including toilets and showers in each room. The home dock of the Liberte hotel boat is at Oosterdok, right at the heart of buzzing Amsterdam yet being a very tranquil and safe place for travelers of all wind directions.

Our host Marco is from Argentinian / Italian decent and speaks aside from Spanish also Italian, Portuguese, English, Serbian and is working on his Dutch. Marco and the Liberte hotel boat will offer you a springboard into Amsterdam’s historical center however Marco also has loads of tips on where to go for good, fair priced food, Amsterdam’s best bars and all other queries of yourselves will be kindly answered by him.


The main lounge, offering up to 12 people a convenient seat during or post the sail – Apple TV, WIFI and Netflix are all readily available!